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Who We Are

Peace of Mind consists of three high school students from Northern California who deeply resonated with the issue of the increasing prevalence of mental health among both people on the Earth and above. As teenagers experiencing stress with topics such as academics, uncertain futures, and anxiety, we were inspired to provide our peers as well as the people around the world with a service that enables self-expression. With that, we designed an online journaling application utilizing sentiment analysis to detect how the user is feeling based on the content and the word choices used in the journal.

Meeting with Our Advisor, Ms. Teo

Since September, 2022, the Peace of Mind team contacted and met with Ms. Hwee Lan Teo, an expert behavioral analyst who provided great insight on human behavior and emotions of our potential users. On March 5th, 2023, the team had their first in-person meeting with Ms. Teo where they debriefed the current progress with the app, and gained suggestions such as providing recommended actions to de-stress or return from a state of depression.

Future Plans for POM

As a result of meeting with Ms. Teo, the Peace of Mind team drafted some action items to continue working towards perfecting the application. The items listed below

  • Adding personalized suggestions for action items the users can complete based on their journals
  • Incorporating more background questions to classify any outside factors that may be causing blues, not actual mental health issues
  • Activate a simple mood tracking feature
  • Add notification settings for inactive members
  • Adding more sentiments to the analysis than the current version of smiley and frowned faces

Competitions and Recognitions

As of March 2023, Peace of Mind team has participated in numerous entrepreneurship and app development competitions such as the Congressional App Challenge, Conrad Challenge, and Blue Ocean Challenge. Currently, the team is preparing deliverables for the Future Innovation Challenge (FIC) and MEC(Model Entrepreneurship Challenge). Through the countless hours devoted to the development of the application and competition preparations, Peace of Mind was recognized as the Conrad Challenge Innovator, the competition’s semi-finalist stage. The team hopes to continue their successes throughout the rest of Peace of Mind’s journey, and aims to widen their impact worldwide.

Contact and support ➡️ Linkedin(https://www.linkedin.com/in/peace-mind-b24b78267/)



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