Unforgettable summer internship with ACF stem camps 👩🏻‍💻

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4 min readAug 12, 2022

Seungho L(High school intern for Lego Mine storm & Arduino camps)

ACF summer camp internship is a valuable experience for anyone who is looking for exposure to the real world. Having a real-life experience can grow your knowledge and learn more about yourself. Teaching students for several hours every day can push your abilities, both technical and non-technical, to the limit. It will allow you to narrow down your interests and think more deeply about your career path. Hence, I would highly recommend high school students who are seeking meaningful and direct STEM mentoring experience.

Eric T(Head coach for Arduino camp)

Overall, this summer had been an amazing experience for me working at ACF summer camps, as it not only taught me all the intricacies and techniques about teaching, but also rewarded me with the abilities to think outside of the box, especially regarding dealing with the younger kids. Despite the initial challenges of having to rapidly design and structure out the course materials as well as learning them myself, I felt that it was necessary to understand the hurdles and difficulties in coordination and planning things out on your own. As time passes and more and more camps are being ran with different groups of students, my co-coaches and I are all striving to dynamically modify the course so that it would better adapt to the kids’ learning pace, and as we do that, we gained more and more connections and knowledge on our own. In the end, we didn’t simply brighten the knowledge of the kids and explore their endless, untapped potentials, but we also enriched ourselves with new skills and a valuable collaborative experience

Harrison Z(High school intern for Lego Mine storm & Arduino camps)

ACF summer camp internship has been a valuable and challenging experience. Basics and common sense to you may not be as straight forward to the campers. Different students also interpret the same contents at a different pace, each camper is an individual and should be treated as an individual. Thus, contents, the pace, and quizzes/challenges must be flexible to adjust the difference of level from week to week. This internship can be an opportunity to improve patience, flexibility and the ability to work as a team.

Gavin T(Head coach for Lego WeDo camp)

The ACF summer camp coaching and internship is a rewarding experience because it is satisfying to work with kids and tech in such a welcoming environment, and there are valuable lessons to learn while teaching. Especially working with younger kids can be an interesting challenge, since we have to explain sometimes topics differently than with adults, which can already be a challenge. While it’s easy put slides in front of a kid, making lessons interesting and engaging is a tough but worthwhile challenge. Also, there’s also lessons beyond tech to consider because children are very impressionable, so we have to guide them in a positive direction and be careful about the example we set. These lessons sometimes require deep reflection, and allow for both student and teacher to grow

Yuval D

Teaching at ACF gave me a great opportunity to teach the technologies that I’m passionate about the way that I think it should be taught and rediscover a lot of the things that made me passionate about computers as a kid, as well as save up some money over the summer. There are so many things that kids are passionate about, and it’s really a good feeling when you see them discover for themselves how useful computers are for achieving the things that they would want for themselves; while kids in general are interested in a wide range of topics, almost all of them are very keen on the idea of making games, which is definitely interesting to see how they use their creativity to work on something they’re truly passionate about. All in all, it was a great opportunity to show kids how great computers can be, and extremely fulfilling seeing how they worked towards their goals so passionately.



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