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Pokemon Flashcards Project!

Quiz Yourself on Pokémons With Our Pokémon Flashcards!

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Most Enjoyable Parts — My Favorites

Throughout the project, I had three favorite parts. The last was coding functions in the JavaScript language and making buttons. My second was making the flashcards disappear and appear again. And the most delightful and pleasing part was styling our whole website.

Website Flashcards Page
Jooah’s Website “Flashcards” Page

Difficult Parts

Firstly, I hope you all know that coding isn’t easy. I probably had a million obstacles to doing the project. To begin with, memorizing that dots are for classes and hashtags for IDs. Also, most of the parts of the JavaScript language were challenging. And the most annoying part was trying to figure out why the buttons on our “Show and Hide Pokemons” weren’t working. And that’s not all! The definitions in our flashcards, the media, and many more were frustrating parts that I did NOT enjoy.

Experience After the Project Was Complete

When we finished our project, I felt pride in what I had done. After all, I’d learned throughout the project and felt more positive feelings, such as being more intelligent. Excitement also filled me since I knew I could make buttons, style anything I wanted, and make images spin around or fade in and out whenever I wanted!

Website Homepage
Jooah’s website homepage

Our Final Presentation

Firstly, I don’t like presenting in front of parents(other adults or friends are fine with me). And the fact that my mom was there made me slightly angry and very nervous. So, my face froze, but my mouth moved! When I started presenting with my fellow project-mate Noah(and the teacher) on the slides, I tried to rush a bit to get over this whole nervous-racking presentation thing. But I had a bit of fun putting animations onto the slides, adding color, and changing fonts. Finally, after our team finished the presentation, I felt like an ice cube in an oven. As a result, the presentation wasn’t relaxing, but I mostly enjoyed the whole project.

Pokemon Flashcards Presentation Zoom Background

Creating Designs on Canva

To be honest, making designs on Canva isn’t something you can make in a couple of minutes. I had to brainstorm what theme or kind of style I had to build. Also, you need to make something visible clearly with your eyes. Third, I needed precise colors and fonts to match the theme. Lastly, you have to make sure it looks nice. It won’t look great if it has a bit too much or few accessories.

Pokemon Charizard Image
One of the Pokemon Sprites that we found

Any Advice for Other Newbie Coders?

Coding can be challenging, but don’t give up. From what I learned, you can be proud of it. And the best advice for a beginner is to finish your homework and listen to the teacher. Remember, your parents paid for these lessons, so you better make it worth it!

Jooah’s final project link: here


Favorite- Fun Parts of the Project

During the project, I had a lot of favorite parts. The most enjoyable parts of the journey were adding some styles to the pokemon website and features like the footer and the pokemon list. I also liked making the image for my website on

Noah’s website homepage

My Challenges

The challenging parts we faced in this project were very annoying because when we sometimes misspelled a word, we had to skim through like 30 lines of code just to find one tiny error, for example, a term we misspelled, didn’t close a tag, and we forgot to close a semicolon.

Our Experience Changed With Coding After Doing This Project

After I finished my project, I mostly felt proud of myself because it took so long to make the pokemon website. I also felt more confident in coding because, through the season, I learned how to push buttons and any style I wanted, and I could also make images spin around.

Our Final Presentation

Our final presentation was on the website called slides and was mainly about how the project was. Ultimately, we shared our final presentation with our parents, so doing it in front of them was very uncomfortable. On the other hand, I enjoyed our presentation with my classmate, Jooah Lee, who lives in Los Angeles.

Final Presentation Snapshot
Final Presentation Snapshot

Making Designs on Canva

Canva is a website where you can make posters and stuff like that; we used Canva for making our logos for our website. In this case, my logo for my website is Zapdos on a black background which says pokemon flashcards, and I made that all from Canva. Also, some of the styles in Canva aren’t free, and the ones that aren’t free are outstanding designs.

Our final presentation slide deck
Our final presentation slide deck

Any Advice for Newbie Coders?

When you start coding, it may be challenging, but don’t lose hope. As I did coding, I made many mistakes, but those mistakes were good, so don’t be sad if you make one. Try to be proud of it and learn from your mistakes. And as you start to code for an extended period, you won’t have much trouble doing it because you already know how to fix your errors.

Noah’s final project link: here

Mustard Gangsters Team (Jooah & Noah)

Games was fun, to be honest. We were very competitive while trying to draw on the computer. It was mostly hard to draw since our pointer kept sliding off. It was also because the topic was challenging or we didn’t know what the case was.

Two truths and one lie were epic. Jooah tried to lie about weird topics. Noah tried to lie with numbers as he lives on the 5th floor, but it was the first. It was also fun how we guessed the teachers’ lies and also learned more about each other. game game

Team Name Brainstorming

Coming up with a team name was pretty fun. We first chose some names we could use: Ketchup criminals, Nut bandits, Viola Villains, Mustard gangsters, Pokelords, Pokequesters, Rebelmons, Star Stompers, and Poke Fun. Ultimately, we voted on which name should be our team name. And Mustard gangsters somehow got voted for most, so we decided our team name would be Mustard gangsters!

Team Name Brainstorming
Team Name Brainstorming

Team’s final presentation recording:


I was the mentor for our small but strong team consisting of Jooah and Noah, both cousins, partners in crime, and valiant cheerleaders for each other. When we started working on the coding journey together, we had minimal experience with coding, specifically with web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Still, I was very motivated by both students’ enthusiasm and self-learning tendencies.

Be it during troubleshooting sessions where we helped each other with spotting the bugs, giving feedback on website styling aesthetics, or being patient if our team member was taking longer to grasp one particular concept than ourselves, Jooah and Noah were a team that was a lot of fun for me to teach. Even during icebreaker sessions like, we were as supportive of each other as we were competitive.

Mustard Gangsters say CHEESE!
Mustard Gangsters say CHEESE!

I had a feeling from the very beginning that although the project that we would be working on was very logic-rich and had a lot of JavaScript involved, which might be hard for new coders, the theme of our website (“Pokemon”) was something that both team members enjoyed- so the fun of learning often surpassed the coding hurdles. One of the things that I would like to explore further with our team in the future is building a long-term project that also features a theme (such as Pokemon) that both team members are passionate about while being educational and productive. This team has a lot of potential, and I am a proud and lucky mentor to be working with them. ❤️



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