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7 min readDec 14, 2023

Students teaching global students with a monthly theme project every week

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As we usher in a new chapter at the Applied Computing Foundation (ACF), the evolution of our Monthly App Challenge (MAC) Team is marked by a dedicated group of high schoolers. United by our shared passion for coding, we have transformed into a dynamic team committed to providing a versatile platform for individuals of all ages, encompassing both adults and children. This platform serves as a conduit for honing coding skills and applying theoretical knowledge to real-world applications.

Our commitment to the mission remains unwavering, aiming to reach students and adults globally, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups in STEM. The core objective is to empower individuals to translate their coding expertise into tangible solutions while garnering recognition and prizes for their contributions.

The MAC Team is not just an assembly of coding enthusiasts; it is a vibrant community where technology aficionados converge to share, learn, and grow. In the ever-expanding landscape of technology’s role in global development, we strive to ensure there’s a welcoming space for individuals interested in the tech world to thrive.

The genesis of MAC Workshops is a testament to our belief in providing equal opportunities to a diverse audience, transcending backgrounds. This annual event is designed to empower everyone, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends age and background, reinforcing the notion that passion knows no boundaries. As we navigate the ever-changing currents of the tech landscape, we remain dedicated to creating a lasting impact on the individuals who make up our global community. Together, let us continue to code, create, and inspire.


Join our global workshops every Saturday, 11 am to 12 pm PST. Building on last year’s success, we share coding insights with rotating themes, fostering creativity in our apps. Diverse team members craft engaging videos and slides to prevent reliance on one person. Beyond workshops, our updated websites and vibrant YouTube videos seamlessly align with the current theme. Experience collaborative learning that knows no borders.

Monthly App Challenge Triumph: A Journey of Growth and Global Impact

In the dynamic landscape of coding education, our Monthly App Challenge (MAC) has emerged as a beacon of success over the past four years. Through our one-hour Saturday workshops, we’ve not only fostered a global community of learners but also witnessed consistent growth and recognition. Here’s a closer look at the remarkable milestones that define our success:

1. Diverse Participation and Themes:

- Over the course of four years, our free Saturday workshops have attracted an average of 20–25 participants per session.

- Each month brings a fresh theme, providing participants with the opportunity to explore different applications, making our workshops a vibrant and ever-evolving learning experience.

2. Global Reach:

- The success of our MAC is truly global, with participants joining us from various countries, including Africa, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and beyond. This diverse participation enriches the collaborative learning environment.

3. New Attendees and Continuous Growth:

- On average, we welcome approximately five new attendees per session, indicating a consistent influx of fresh perspectives and enthusiasm.

- Our commitment to growth extends beyond participants to our team. New members have joined our ranks, bringing fresh ideas and dedication to our shared mission.

4. Silicon Valley Teen Tech Talk Invitation:

- A pivotal moment in our journey was the invitation to present at the renowned Silicon Valley Teen Tech Talk. This recognition highlights the impact and relevance of our MAC on the global stage.

5. Consistent Team Dedication:

- The success of MAC is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team. Despite growth and evolution, our team remains consistent in delivering high-quality workshops and fostering a supportive community.

As we reflect on the Monthly App Challenge’s success, it’s clear that our journey is marked by continuous learning, global collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. The impact of our workshops extends far beyond the virtual space, reaching learners worldwide and contributing to the ever-expanding landscape of coding education. Together, we look forward to further milestones and the exciting challenges that lie ahead in our shared pursuit of coding excellence.

Certificates and Prizes for Best Application:

At the core of our monthly app challenge lies a tradition that celebrates excellence and creativity — rewarding the best apps with recognition and more. Since the inception of our challenge, we’ve been committed to highlighting innovation.

Each month, the standout app in each room not only receives a well-deserved certificate but also unlocks the doors to exciting possibilities with a gift card. We meticulously evaluate the technical prowess and aesthetic appeal of every creation, emphasizing both functionality and visual allure.

It’s more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of skill, effort, and ingenuity. Join us in this tradition of excellence, where coding meets recognition, and every line of code paves the way for success!


Presently, our primary challenges center around addressing urgent needs. The critical issue of time zone conflicts demands immediate attention, complicating global engagement and coordination efforts. Additionally, the escalating demand for team members and coaches is apparent, underscoring the pressing requirement for expanded support to accommodate our growing community. Striking a balance between structure and creativity in submissions is also essential, as we aim to remove constraints on themes and application types in our Monthly App Challenge (MAC).


Abraham: Hello, I’m Abraham, leading the Monthly App Challenge from Nigeria. As the outreach manager, I connect with individuals to join our coding workshops. Starting as a student in 2020, the Monthly App Challenge fueled my growth, and now, I guide coding enthusiasts.

Joining ACF unlocked incredible opportunities for me as a programmer. Managing the social media accounts was a deliberate choice to contribute to the community’s growth and mission. This experience has been thrilling, introducing me to exceptional teammates. Committed to this fantastic community, I pledge to develop, thrive, and contribute to our shared vision.

Kayla : Hi, I’m Kayla and I’m part of the MAC Team! It’s already been a year since I joined this team. I’m in charge of both beginner and advanced Python, and updating the website every month. I used to be a passionate attendee at MAC for a couple of years, and then Yoonjung invited me to become one of the coaches! I love being a part of the MAC team, because I get to teach people all over the world coding. I know from my own experience that MAC cares about every attendee and wants to help everyone become a better coder.

Sachi: Hello, my name is Sachi, and I’m the HTML/CSS fundamental web design coach for the MAC workshops! I really enjoy teaching and being in the MAC team because I enjoy working with others and sharing what I know so that they can enjoy it and use it for their own creations. I’ve learned many things from the students as well! Overall, by being in the team, one thing I’ve learned is to teach effectively and interestingly to a wide variety of people with different coding skill levels.

Alexander: Hi, I’m Alex and I joined very recently. I enjoy programming and seeing people learn how to design things they like. This year has been great because I learned a lot about how MAC can help people grow and develop their programming skills.

Smera: Despite being one of the newest members of the team and having joined it recently, I have seen the impact MAC has had on its participants. Seeing enthusiastic people from around the world excited to learn is really inspiring and I am really grateful to have the opportunity to help contribute to this cause.

Ian: Hello, my name is Ian, and I am from South Korea. I joined the MAC team in February of 2023. I have been the coach for the HTML CSS and Javascript in my time here. My favorite thing about being in the MAC team is seeing everyone’s coding skills grow every week.



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