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2 min readMar 10, 2021

(Online chess game project with environment theme by middle school students)

With pandemic forcing us to stay indoors and incur an online-oriented lifestyle, we inevitably became hooked on several online activities, such as watching popular “Queen’s Gambit” or playing “lichess”.

Hence, ACF’s budding middle school startup team(EcoHero)’s ambitious, environmental app project cannot be anymore impeccable in terms of timing. Simply put, they have combined their love of chess with the dire need for raising environmental awareness among global online chess players and online habitants(namely, you, me, and everyone who spends more than 6 hours in front of a screen on the internet for various purposes).

Their goal is simple — integrating the chess app with environmental facts. They welcome your insanely genius ideas and feedback, if you want to chime in as they are constantly brainstorming during their weekly project time.

Oh, and please hold off your lurking skepticism and don’t rush to a conclusion that this is just a cute but highly unfeasible idea as Eco Hero team already invited Mrs.Taylor (a lifetime ocean life advocate and the president of DOERmarine(https://www.doermarine.com/). She is happy to support our eco hero team’s ambitious but noteworthy journey (building the environmental online chess app). You can join us by filling out this beta user survey and offering your token of 2 cents for this adventure Eco Hero team is embarking on rather bravely.

By the way, as a parting thought, we all can try as food for thought.

What if the green “vitamin” Beth was depending on so much but took it for granted at the orphanage was indeed our precious environment and we will one day be like Beth facing “no more green pill”. Ah, that would be such a calamity as we will feel it already with all signs of environmental destruction and consequences.



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