Aliens got invaded massively by ACF Pygame team “Alien Apocalypse” 👽

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One Year of Surviving & Thriving the Alien Apocalypse and going forward to our season 6 🛸

By ACF Alien Apocalypse Developers

What is Alien Apocalypse?

The Alien Apocalypse is a team of two young people, Chris and Jaeho making a survival video game. Our game is an Apocalyptic Survival Game with the general goal to get gear and defeat the invading aliens.

Idea — What is the origin story?

Originally, we were a team of five called the Melody Making Machines. We had an idea of making a music rhythm game, but we couldn’t quite see the future of this game working out. Additionally due to unforeseen circumstances we split up as a team and decided to rebrand our game entirely. So, with our experience with popular video games such as Minecraft, we ultimately changed our game to an alien apocalypse-setting survival game. This worked out much better as our team was more interested in this idea.

Our Challenges

We originally started developing with Replit but it sometimes lags out or certain things just don’t work. We later switched to GitHub and Visual Studios which was much more effective. Switching platforms was a bit difficult and it took some time to get used to our new platform.

The first 4 seasons

In our first four seasons, we developed the foundations of our game. Most of our mechanics, the player, basic enemies, maps, etc. were all made in these seasons. Of course, they weren’t perfect, but we built the general structure and code of it. Throughout our development using the python coding language, we learned several key concepts. For example, we learned to use a cross-platform set of Python modules called pygame. A few key concepts we also learned include python lists, classes, and trigonometry.

Season 5 (Current Season we just finished as of 10/28/2022)

During our current season, we made a lot of progress. For example, we added our own game trailer (Alien Apocalypse Trailer). In the game, we fixed countless bugs such as the flying enemy’s movement, poison shooter projectiles dealing damage multiple times at once, the boss projectiles, and boss’s movement. New features like the tutorial map was added too, as well as the increased screen size and the files being connected and controlled by one main file.

Closing Statements/Moving forward (goals/aspirations/closing remarks)

Moving forward, we plan to continue improving the game. We have multiple ideas not yet implemented such as new bosses, maps, adding the storyline to the gameplay, and more. Furthermore, we might be getting our own team t-shirts and logos soon. We look forward to advancing on our game and as a team.



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