[ACF] ”Pet Paradise” Project Overview And Our Challenges 🐶 💻

Our Learnings

We started about 6 months ago with the idea to make a social media app for pet owners to interact with one another. A lot has changed since then we have all grown as programmers and even our ideas of our website have changed. Since we have only two members in our team, we have to work hard to accomplish our season goals. But we love having a small team that makes us more like a family!

Tutorial: Accessing data from a .json file

In this section, I am sharing a brief tutorial on how you can access data from a .json file using Javascript. We used .json files on our website in our login page so we can store the users data so they will be able to login in the future. For example: When someone makes an account, it will be saved to our .json file.

Tutorial: Complete Code:

Our Challenges

Challenge 1:

The code is very messy. We can’t find the specific code to fix the pages. So we clean the codes and change the structure of the pages to what we want. We learned that in order to make coding easier, we can add comments to illustrate what these codes represent and code things in order.

Challenge 2:

The coding page appears differently for each team member, so we have to move to replit.com in order to keep everyone on the same page. Therefore, we can work on the pages collaboratively and for a consistent UI experience.

Challenge 3:

We were trying to get the footer to stick to the bottom of the page. We googled online and studied codes of different programmers, and then edited the necessary code for our project.

What next?

In season 3, the pet paradise team is currently working on adding a marketplace to the site. Similar to Facebook/eBay, we are focussing on pet goods. We want to keep expanding our product and make it into a real thing for a person to use.



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